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I have already talked a few times about thermal protector for hair , and today I will show you the 10 that I like the most, with prices for all pockets, right? See more at best heat protectant for fine hair

It is the thermal protector that will protect the wires from the heat of the dryer, the flat iron and the babyliss, preventing the thermal heat from damaging both the wires and fading the color. Its function is protective, it is a protective term, which should not be confused with a thermoactivated product.

The thermoactivated product is one that needs thermal heat to be activated, to act. The term protector, in contrast, protects hair from excessive thermal heat.

And since many people confuse, defriever is different from thermal protector, although it can also protect the wires, depending on the composition.

The defriever acts by temporarily relaxing the strands, between one wash and the next, reducing frizz, leaving hair smoother and facilitating brushing.


I already made a post here some time ago with a top 5 of good and cheap thermal protector , but after that I tested others, some of which did better, so let's update this list!

1. Defrizante Tutano with Keratin, Soft Hair: acts as defriever and protector, and is one of those wonderful pharmacy findings, you know? Leaves hair soft, loose and silky, and costs R $ 15.00. The full review is in this post here.

2. Thermoactive Cooling Spray, Acquaflora: this is a thermoactivated defriever that offers thermal protection, and although it is indicated for thin hair, because it does not weigh, I think it is wonderful for curly hair, because it facilitates brushing and makes hair smoother. It costs R $ 32.00 ( buy here ).

3. Finisher Rescue, BioExtratus: this combing cream offers thermal protection (and sun!) And is a great option all in one , you know? It is light, leaves the wires aligned, loose and with movement. It costs R $ 27.00 and has a complete review here.



4. Straight Flat Iron Poker, Lee Stafford: this is my favorite of life! It is light, protects well, leaves hair smoother, with less frizz and more shine. Oh, and it has a great price: R $ 29.00! The review is in this post here.

5. Thermal Protective Spray Take good care of yourself, O Boticário: it doesn't weigh anything, it smells and protects it very well! Sells at all Boti stores and costs R $ 20.39.


6. Healing Smooth Smoother Straightening Balm, L´Anza: it was my favorite for years, because it is not good, he shows himself so wonderful hahaha! It is thermoactivated and protective defriever, acts as a temporary relaxer and leaves hair much smoother. It costs R $ 134.00 ( buy here ) and has a complete review here.

7. Illuminating Smoothing Cream, Alfaparf: wonderful! It doesn't weigh, it's great for thinner hair, it gives shine and leaves hair super silky. It costs R $ 47.00 ( buy here ) and I mentioned it in this post here.

8. Straight Hair, K Pro: holds the brush longer than Alfaparf's, it is also light and leaves the hair loose. It has particles of shine that illuminate the hair, but there are those who don't like the “shiny powder”. It costs R $ 54.00 ( buy here ).

9. Bonacure Color Freeze Thermo Protect Cream, Schwarzkopf: suitable for colored hair, it protects very well, preventing the color from fading, it is fragrant, smooth, and gives off shine and silkiness. It costs R $ 105.00 ( buy here ) and has a great income.

10. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray:  this is actually a thermo-activated styling spray that also offers thermal protection for hair. Leaves hair very smooth, softens and controls frizz very well. It costs R $ 75.00 ( buy here ).





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  I have already talked a few times about thermal protector for hair , and today I will show you the 10 that I like the most, with prices ...