Tuesday, 15 April 2014

News Release: Stop Playing Politics With Lives Of Nigerians

Scene Of A Recent Bombing In Nigeria

Christian Foundation for Social Justice and Equity commiserates with the families that have lost loved ones in the deadly twin bomb explosion around the bus terminal under the bridge in Nyanyan, a few meters away from the popular Sani Abacha Barracks, Abuja yesterday.  The dastard incident reportedly occurred around 7am when a vehicle laden with Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded in the ever busy bus stop where commuters board government-operated luxury buses provided by SURE-P and other commercial buses parks.

Official statements put the figure of the victims at 326 with 72 deaths which are in sharp contrast to reports of over 150 deaths and 200 persons receiving treatments in various hospitals within the Federal Capital Territory and some parts of Nasarawa States reported by the media.

This inhuman and degrading attack followed initial attacks on innocent Nigerians in Borno State where a State of Emergency is still in force last Friday, where candidates who were going to sit for their Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) exams with their centres located in Gwoza town, Dikwa, Gambulga and Kala Balge were attacked. Suspected Boko Haram members had earlier attacked Kala Balge town with three villagers killed on Thursday. About 210 people, including JAMB candidates were reportedly killed in the attacks.

It is however unfortunate that the political elites are toying with the lives of innocent Nigerians who are being killed daily as the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) through its Publicity Secretary, accused the major opposition political party in the country, All Progressive Congress (APC), as the sponsors of the insurgents. We considered this as a very grievous allegation which security agencies must investigate.

This position of the ruling PDP is also obvious in the President Jonathan’s dispositions to the lives been lost daily in the country. While over 500 Nigerians have been killed in the last 5 days, the President is busy promoting his re-election ambition via baseless Unity Rallies across the nation, even when it is crystal clear that Nigeria is falling and failing under his watch. Visit to Ibadan, Oyo State capital today by the President, is an unexpected and unexplainable insult on the sensibility of Nigerians and disrespect to victims of the yesterday’s bomb blast and one of his many “I don’t give a damn” attitudes.  It is expected that the nation should be mourning the victims of the various attacks across the country today and not celebrating it. This is a great disservice of highest magnitude to this country.

It is also important to establish that, structural problem deeply rooted in injustice, inequality, extreme poverty and weak institutions, which are the primary causes of the growing insecurity in the country must as a matter of urgency is addressed. Similarly, inefficient and ineffective intelligence gathering, coupled with almost half of the security agents, who are being paid with tax payers money, protecting the over privileged few political elites leaving 90 percent Nigerians unprotected is a major concern that needs to be looked into. We therefore call for total overhauling of the security agencies with a clear mandate of repositioning the agencies without considering any political, religious or ethnic considerations but absolute loyalty to the Nigerian state.     

While condemning these inhuman and degrading attacks, it is also expedient and imperative to urge the security agents to up their game and change tactics where necessary to combat the menace of the insurgencies. They need to move away from analogue security system to the more efficient and productive digital system. We also urge Nigerians to be conscious of their environments and provide useful information to security agencies. Peaceful Nigeria is non-negotiable!


Joseph Sangosanya
Executive Chairman

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