Thursday, 5 September 2013

Photonews: CD Protest Demand Removal Of Nigeria's Health Minister


  1. The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health is the most corrupt Ministry on the face of the earth. They are actually operating as a cult at the expense of the Nigerian people. Just take a look at the deplorable health standard in Nigeria. That ministry needs to be total revamping. Their are some elements hold the ministry as their personal property. They need to be investigated.

  2. There truly is a lot of pillaging, pilferage, purloining, theft and even hijack going on in that health Ministry. What a shame! So called professionals who can't create anything on their own but only know how to STEAL from what others have done. Mago, mago ministry. These ministry need to be educated on the basic principles of ethics, conscience, integrity and justice. His first name of the Minister is Christian, but obviously he is living as a good example of one. The call for his sack and some of his cronies in that Ministry is in order.


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