Thursday, 13 June 2013

Speech: “Self Determination And Doggedness Are Gradually Fading---“

Chief (Mrs.) Eileen Uwajimogu


I am pleased to be part of the war against indiscipline brigade, otherwise known as the WAI-BRIGADE.

It has indeed given me the opportunity to take up more responsibilities in assisting the society at large and government in particular to fight the war against indiscipline in the society vis-avis, in our various communities, in the state, in our families, in our extended families, in our places of work, in the church, in the market etc.

It should be noted that the virtues and qualities of patriotism, commitment, sincerity of purpose, obeying rule of law, obeying government policies, self determination and doggedness are gradually fading away in our society. At this point, let me commend the Federal Government for unveiling the community support Brigade (CSB) which has now replaced the war against indiscipline WAI in its determined effort to restore national integrity, dignity and consciousness towards eradicating indiscipline, crimes and corruption in our society.
When the society is disciplined government policies would be obeyed and supported. Conversely, when government brings development down to the grassroots, the people will whole heartedly support government policies and programmes.

Therefore, I call on all and sundry to continue to support Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s leadership in the state. This government is people oriented. It is masses based and anchored in various communities in the state through the community government. This simply means that the state government is the only state in the federation that has brought good governance, development and community participation in the leadership of the society. With good legislation from the Imo State House of Assembly, the state government has brought back discipline into society. Today, we have fewer crimes in our state, but we need total eradication of it. Hence we need the cooperation of all to ensure that Imo is finally better. I cannot conclude this short speech without encouraging, thanking and commending the National Orientation Agency, Imo State Chapter, in their effort in galvanizing our environment into a better society. Please continue in this onerous task. Continue to move forward with this programme until we collectively achieve our aims and objectives of having a better society.

Nigeria Must Be Better. Amen.

Chief (Mrs.) Eileen Uwajumogu
Wife Of The Speaker
Imo State House Of Assembly.

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