Monday, 29 April 2013

News Release: “We Have No Regard For Northern Elders, Others”-------N/Delta Revolutionaries

Dokubo Asari; N/Delta Revolutionary
There is really not much to comment on this Boko Haram thing as fraudulent and intensely dubious as it is. We have no regard for Northern Elders and the others like Shehu Sani and Ahmed Datti who parade the spheres seeking to be 'given' a role to play in caging Boko Haram.

It was Shehu Sani who took Obasanjo to the family of the late Mohammed Yusuf. Barely two days after Obasanjo met with the family, the head of the family was assassinated.

Shehu Sani has been making stupid comments in a shoddy attempt to compare the agitation in the Niger Delta with the savage and murderous campaign by the infidel Boko haram group to islamize Nigeria, kill and decimate Christians and other innocent human beings. He is insane believe that he can compare the likes of Tompolo to the savage and cannibal leaders of Boko Haram. We are not and have never been on the same league.

The agitation in the Niger Delta is a just struggle for liberation and emancipation of the region and its people. For decades, the blood, oil and gas resources of the Niger Delta have oiled the existence of this country at great detriment to the land and people of the Niger Delta. Our lands, seas and rivers have been punished and polluted with reckless abandon.

The oil resources of the Niger Delta which is produced by barely four or five states is responsible for sustaining all the 36 states states of the Nation! Even the United States of America could not have survived such revenue allocation formula! How on Earth did we ever get into such a revenue allocation formula? Where were the elders of the Niger Delta when this treachery was unleashed on our people?

How did our people get so hoodwinked into such a treacherous agreement? This is the question on the lips of many of the youths of the Niger Delta today. And save for the Jonathan Presidency, we would have rolled out the next phase of the struggle would be deployed to enable us win a fair advantage in our campaign to take over control of our resources.

While we have not been impressed with President Jonathan's commitment to the Niger Delta and have thus far, resolved to maintain the peace largely because afforded him the benefit of the doubt by offering him a trial support structure even as we recognize the challenges he faces.

Without President Jonathan, the Niger Delta would have been the hottest trouble-spot in Sub-saharan Africa.

We have a right and a REASON to fight for our resources. That, we will do.

Cynthia Whyte
Joint Revolutionary Council JRC

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