Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Special Report: “The Third Forum” Debuts In Nigeria

"The man dies in him who keeps quiet in times of moral crisis".
- Prof. Wole Soyinka.

Countrymen and women, at times like this when the ship of state slips further down the precipice there is the imperatives of a salvage mission. At times like this when the Ruling party is at war with itself and governance left to suffer. At times like this when corruption occupies the driver’s seat at every level and facet of our national life. At times like this when the Opposition, the Civil Society groups and Labour Unions have gone to bed and efforts of the opposition parties to form a broad based coalition suspect. At times like this when our moral margins have been stifled, values messed up and the requisite call and courage for change at its lowest ebb, there is more than ever before a strident call to halt the drift and save our nation from Golgotha.

The Third Forum is the product of in-depth research and passion. It burns with a patriotic zeal and seeks the redemption our nation badly craves. We are an intervention set to break the circle of fear, of deceit and of hate. We are Nigerians calling at Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora to join hands with us in building a new nation for today and posterity.

As a rescue movement, we have categorized the Nigerian socio-political sphere into three forums, the first is the Ruling Party, and the second the Opposition Parties and the Civil Society Groups, whilst the third is The The Forum which represents us the Nigerian masses. We have done so confident that all over the world the masses are the true chord and the crucible of change, and certain that a galvanized mass halts every national mess.

We are poised to bell the cat and ensure that we save our nation from this slide down the path of chaos. We are a movement and a forum targeted at citizens rights and protection; we are a movement positioned to mobilize Nigerians against the North/South divide; a movement interested and working for a united, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria; a movement concerned  about and seriously working for improved standard of living for our service men, the Police, the Armed Forces and other security agencies as well as the ex-service men because we are conscious of the fact that they are the only strong fabric that has held Nigeria together for this long leadership having failed; and we are a movement engaged in ensuring that Nigerians participate actively in the electioneering process with the motive of electing responsible and responsive leaders in subsequent elections.

Our weapon is peaceful engagement, dialogue, debates, sit-ins, sit-tights, proactive negotiations, seminars, symposia, peaceful marches, media campaigns at home and abroad and effective love based protests. We are a non-violent Third Force; our philosophy is passive resistance and our religion, love.

Today is the day of hope for the Policeman shot in the line of duty and the soldier killed whilst protecting us. Today is a new dawn for the Nigerian masses that have been treated to nothing in a nation blessed with plenty. Today is the dawn of a new hope for all those who in despondency wonder when it will cease to be business as usual. And today is the joyous daybreak of hope for all in Nigerians irrespective of tribe or tendencies, creed or clan, region or section, we are all Nigerians.

The The Forum is saying that together we can make real the promises of democracy and make true the Nigeria of our dream.

We belong together as a people, we share a common pain and deprivation, and we therefore should not allow ourselves to be manipulated anymore by politicians who serve their egocentric interests to our collective detriment. We are not North or South, Ibos or Hausas, Yorubas or Ijaws et al, we are Nigerians. We can truly unite against the lies that situate us an unagreeable set of disparate peoples, and we can make Nigeria truly great. Surely though tongues and tribes may differ we can stand in brotherhood, such is the spirit, the trust, the passion and the mission of The Third Forum.

Welcome on board Dear Compatriots. Long live the Great People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Dr. Chukwudumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr.
National Co-Ordinator

Dr. Mike Uyi
International Co-Ordinator

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