Monday, 4 March 2013

News Release: Afenifere Calls For National Summit On Security

A Scene Of Bombing In Nigeria

The deteriorating security situation in Nigeria and the seeming official indifference by the leadership is quite worrying to Afenifere.

Former Minister of Defence, Gen. Theophillus Danjuma on Saturday raised the alarm that the Northern part of Nigeria is in the “middle of a civil war”.

Said he “…the nation is in total anarchy. Human life is very cheap and impunity has become the norm … we are in the middle of a civil war in Northern Nigeria. There is no defined front in this particular war and worse still, the enemy is faceless and unknown. There is no immunity for anyone”

He added that the war was highly contagious and regrettably he had no “suggested solution”.

Within 48 hours after Danjuma’s declaration, the Kwara state police Commissioner, Mr Chinwike Asadu was gunned down in his home state of Enugu while 22 people were killed in Borno state in an attempt to take over an army barrack by members of Boko Haram.

As if to confirm the state of nature that Nigeria has descended into, there is a sense of indifference to these calamities these days as the presidency sparingly issues the photocopied response “we shall fish out the culprits”.

There is no hazarding any guess that strategizing for 2015 is of greater priority at the moment than paying attention to the state of insecurity in the country.

While bombs are flying like bangers, guns booming in every nook, kidnappers daily nabbing their victims and assassins shooting without missing; the battle for control of Governors Forum and such mundane tussles have taken all the attention of the presidency.

It takes a demented political class to pretend that all is well within our country and that we have a good setting to conduct elections in 2015 given the culture of fear spreading across the country.

Genuine patriots must be worried that it appears that the high level of insecurity in the country is not being given the desired engagement.

We are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that any attempt to continue to treat the insecurity situation in the country  as if it provides a good distraction from people asking for good governance is bound to backfire as a full maturation of what is going on will consume all.

In order to restore normalcy to Nigeria and all the country back from the brink, Afenifere suggests immediate convocation of a National Security Summit to bring leaders and stakeholders together from across the country to brainstorm on the causes (s) of the virtual security collapse in the country and proffer solutions to them.

The suggested summit should be a prelude to a NATIONAL conference that will address the structures of Nigeria in a way that the constituent units can live peaceably within a proper federation built on justice, equity and fair play.

This is the irreducible minimum to stop the drift going on.

 ‘Yinka Odunmakin,
National publicity secretary

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