Thursday, 27 December 2012

U-Report: NPM Condemns Kano’s Decision To Close Drug Market

Gov. Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano State
Report By: NPM

Ndi-Igbo Peace Movement (NPM) has condemned the planned closure of Sabon Gari Drug Market, Kano by Kano State government over alleged sales of sub-standard drugs by some traders in the market.

It would be recalled that Gov. Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano State in a recent statement said that the state government would not reverse its decision on the permanent closure of Sabon Gari Drug Market, Kano on 31 Dec., 2012.

The statement was issued to the media in Anambra State yesterday and signed by Chief  Uzor Uzor, Chairman of the movement.

NPM said that the proposed closure of the market for the wrong doing of a few traders is not in the best interest of the healthcare system in Kano State and the country.

``The blanket accusation and planned closure over a fault of few unscrupulous traders is not in the best interest of nation’s healthcare system”.

``If the planned action takes place, fairness had not be shown to over 90 per cent of the traders, who are doing their businesses genuinely and are registered within the state’s and NAFDAC’s trade guidelines and regulations”. The group said.

``The closure would not be justified especially with the current economic difficulties in the country.’’  The group said further.

NPM said that the plan would affect about two million traders of Igbo origin whose livelihood depend on the existence of the drug market.

NPM therefore called on President Goodluck Jonathan to advise the governor against the proposed closure in the interest of peace and oneness.

``NAFDAC should do its job by simply identifying the unscrupulous traders and their shops and deal with them directly,’’ NPM advised.

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  1. It is all lies, just because it will affect Igbos, that is why you are against it. If it affect other nigerians, you will not respond if igbo are not involved. they must follow what kano state want. Igbos worldwide, are No 1 drugs fakers


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