Friday, 16 November 2012

Open Letter: Campaign For Democracy Writes NCC


The Executive Secretary,
Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC),
Corporate Headquarters,

Dear Executive Secretary,

Before Mrs Nkiru Chikweluba Dies Like The Duo Of Her Late husband, Mr. Jude Chikweluba And Her Neigbour, Late Mr. Tochukwu Okike who Died While Rescuing Her When MTN High-Tension Cable Cited At Their Residential Building Fell Under Their Roof

The Campaign For Democracy (CD) South East Region writes to your public office over the above serious subject matter.

This petition/protest letter is predicated upon the double electrocution of the duo of Mr. Jude Chikwueluba, (the Landlord of No. 4 Loius Mbanefo Street, Woliwo Layout, Onitsha and the Late Tochukwu Okike (a tenant) who rushed to rescue Mrs. Nkiru Chikwuluba) who was hooked by Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) mast cable which fell down from the above stated Companies sub-transmission centre high-tension cable at No. 4 Loius Mbanefo street, Woliwo Layout, Onitsha South L.G.A, Anambra, where the above named persons died while Mrs. Nkiru Chikweluba and her three children sustained grievous injuries. The ugly incident took place when the entire families had gone into sleep on March 2009.

Recall that the entire Chikweluba family had gone to sleep when neigbours raised the alarm that a bungalow situated at the above named addressed had been covered by flame resulting Mrs. Chikweluba rushing out with three of her children, Master Emeka Chikweluba, Miss Chidimma Chikweluba and Master Chiemeriem Chikweluba to the rescue.

According to the injury stricken woman, when her neigbours alerted her that the entire house had been visited by calamity as a result of the high tension cable that fell on it, She immediately rushed to their entrance gate and got hooked by the current from the electrocution, when her neigbour, Late Mr. Tochukwu Okike saw her being hooked at the gate, he jumped from their fence and attempted to rescue her from outside the gate and got immediately electrocuted by the MTN fallen high-tension, her husband rushed out and also attempted to rescue her and was thrown inside a mosquito infected gutter which led to his death after some period of time with Mrs. Chikweluba unconscious, she was rushed to Delta Hospital located at No. 21 Ziks Avenue Fegge, Onitsha.

Due to the magnitude of her injuries, she was referred to General Hospital Enugu after few months at the hospital where a part of her Leg was cut to enable the medical expects to fill the injuries she sustain at her right hand.   

MTN Unprofessional Conduct: 
From the foregoing, the next morning, some team of MTN Staff visited the said residence and promised to pay the Late Mr. Jude Chikweluba, Tochukwu Okike and Mrs. Chikweluba and her three children the sum of N10 million each as a compensation for the loss of their bread winner and including Mrs. Chikweluba’s three children which suffered different degrees of deformation among others.

From the date of the incident till now, it is on record neither the MTN Management nor staff were seen anywhere around the family with a view to helping them ameliorate the untold hardship and calamity their carelessness had brought to Chikwelubas as they are yet to fulfill their promise, including millions of naira the family incurred during funerals and for hospital bills.

Mrs. Chikweluba’s Attorney had made serious petition to MTN over their blatant negligence and man’s inhumanity to man meted out to the both families but to no avail.

The most painful part of it again is that widow of the Late Okike was pregnant at the time of the death of her husband and has been made to face untold hardship following the death of their breadwinner.

Due to lack of money, Mrs. Chikweluba has been thrown out of the hospital, with her right hand injury are fast decaying oozing out offensive odour while her three children have being sent out of schools. For Mrs. Okike she now sells pap in order to take care of her child.  

Our Demand:
 (1) That MTN shall within three (3) days in receipt of this letter made a public apology to both families.
(2) That the sum of N100 million be given to each victim as above stated within seven (7) days after receipt of this letter.
(3) That the MTN Executive Director will personally pay a funeral visit to both families as a mark of respect for the families.
(4) That the location of the life threatening High Tension wire (cables/mast) crossing through residential building should immediately be disconnected as presently witnessed at No. 4 Loius Mbanefo street where the two young men died.
(5) That your public institution should find ways in checking  institutions like MTN.

Our Advice:
a.    That a well written code of conducts stipulating among other things operational activities be entered.
b.   That a monitoring team comprising some senior staff of your institution be set up to ensure full compliance.

If seven days (7) after the receipt of this letter and nothing is done, CD may be compelled to use every available legal resource within its disposal.

We hope that our petition is not going to be swept under the carpet.

Yours Faithfully,
For: The CD South East Region
Dede Uzor A. Uzor

President Goodluck Jonathan,
Aso Rock Villa, Abuja.

The C.E.O, MTN Communication Limited,
Church Estate Tower,
Plot 30 AfriBank Street,
Victoria Island,

The C/o The MTN Manager
Delta State.

The Director General SSS Abuja
The National Human Rights Commission, Abuja
The Governor of Anambra State 
The EFCC Abuja.
The Commissioner of Police, Awka
The SSS Awka.

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