Thursday, 18 October 2012

News Report: Elechi Amadi Says "Aluu People Did Not Kill Students"

Elechi Amadi
Literary Icon, Elechi Amadi, author of "The Concubine" and other acclaimed works said that the people of Aluu did not kill the four students of the University of Port Harcourt who were accused of stealing and lynched at Aluu recently.

Amadi who is from Aluu made the statement as one of the speakers at the formal declaration of Port Harcourt as the UNESCO Book Capital Of The World For The Year 2014 at the Hotel Presidential in that city.

The literary Icon said that the incident happened in one of the Aluu villages nearest to the University in a new section which has as residents mainly non natives.

He revealed that a sub culture of crime developed in the area over the years and that the development has been severally reported to the police, who did nothing to arrest the development.

Elechi Amadi revealed further that the culture of Aluu people abhors the shedding of blood and if such is done inadvertently or in self defence, the person(s) concerned and the land must be cleansed.

The renowned author  pointed out that apart from the paramount ruler of the village concerned who was arrested by the police during routine investigations, no other Aluu person has been arrested or declared wanted by the security agencies in connection with the murder.

The formal declaration of Port Harcourt as UNESCO World Book Capital Of The Year 2014 was also attended by Professor Wole Soyinka, Gabriel Okara and other literary and non literary notables.

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