Monday, 29 October 2012

News Release: Campaign For Democracy Abia State Chapter Condemns Award To Governor

T.A Orji; Abia State Governor

Campaign for Democracy (CD) Good governance, Human rights and civil society organizations in Abia State, committed to the promotion of genuine democracy in South East and Nigeria Condemns the Award of Icon of Democracy to the governor of Abia State.

CD is worried that a media outfit which ought to be the champion of true democracy and in the vanguard of holding governments to account, is not in touch with reality. It is unfortunate that the Champions newspaper throw moral to the winds.  This is an irony, the real promotion of mediocrity and sycophancy which impend the realization of democratic values among the ruling class.

The group resolves therefore as follows:
1. That the government of Nigeria should put adequate measures in place to reduce poverty as it is evident that there is a strong relationship between poverty and praise singing.
2. That NUJ, Association Newspaper proprietors of Nigeria, and other regulatory institution should always review and ensure high ethical benchmarks to guarantee professionalism among the Media Houses.
3. That Abia State Government Should without delay commences construction and rehabilitation of roads in Aba and other roads in the state.
4.  That the governor should demonstrate  genuine commitment to the enthronement of democracy and good governance by :

a. Appointment of Substantive Chief Judge of the State.
b. Domesticating and signing of freedom of information (FOI) Law.
c. Public Procurement law
d. Fiscal Responsibility law among others to checkmate all mitigated corruption and abuse of state funds.

5.  That the governor should without further delay conduct Local Government Elections in the state to strengthen grassroots democratic institutions through participation and  fight against graft.
6.  That the governor should recall all sacked indigenes and non-indigenes from the public service, as well pay back log of salaries to hungry Abian civil servants.

Until all these are done, any honor or award given to the Governor will be a slap on democracy and abuse of ethics in the journalism profession.

Emenike Ogba
Abia State Chapter
Campaign For Democracy    

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