Tuesday, 25 September 2012

News Release: The Planned Secret Campaign For Democracy(CD)National Convention, As Odumakin’s Tenure Expires

Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin; CD President
Through a source, we have learned that Dr, Joe Okei-Odumakin, the incumbent national President of the Campaign For Democracy and her co-horts are planning a secret national convention of the organization.

The source hinted that due to pressure on Dr. Odumakin by the CD south-East region, a secret meeting was held and it was decided that there should be a convention in which comrade David Kalu and other south-East leaders are not to be invited.

The purpose to this convention is to elect new national leadership who are to cover up the ACPF/CD fraud that happened while Odumakin is in office. The new the executive will claim that what happened was not in their time and that it has nothing to do with them.

We hereby wish to state that any convention held without our consent and participation, will not be acceptable to us.

We also wish to state that there is no part of the CD constitution that empowers the national body to choose or elect executives for any state or region.

We expect that with that on the allegation against Dr. Odumakin, she ought to have resigned her position and offer herself for probe.

If Dr. Odumankin cannot tell the world how she managed the ACPF/CD account, then it becomes obvious that her claim of been an activist should be questioned.

An organization like the CD should be a transparent one, that even non members can walk in and access whatever information they want and this should include the organization’s finance book, without being hindered.

Whatever is done without our consent would be null and void, and will not be acceptable to the CD in the south-East. Whatever decision that would be taken on behalf of the CD South-East, must be with our consent and imput.

David Kalu
Campaign For Democracy(CD)
South-East Region

On Behalf Of The Following:
Nze Alachukwu

Emenike  Ogba

Abia State

Henry Okoh

Ebonyi State

Uche Agbo

Enugu State

Kelechi Ugo

lmo State

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